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Custom Gardens can handle your commercial landscape maintenance needs. We tailor your contract making sure you are happy with your landscaping. 

Services that we offer include:

  • Mowing  consists of mowing, trimming, edging, bagging grass clippings, and blowing off concrete.

  • Bed weed consists of removing all weeds and trash from beds.

  • Pruning consists of pruning plants in beds, including ornamental trees (Yaupons & Hollies).

  • Deadheading consists of removing spent flowers from plants.

  • Spring clean consists of pruning roses, perennials, and ornamental grasses and removing leaves from beds on the property.

  • Fall cleanup consists of removing leaves from beds and blowing off patios/ sidewalks.

  • Shaping roses, ornamental grasses and pruning back perennials.

  • Mulch refresh consists of adding 1" of mulch to all beds.

  • Irrigation Checks

    • During an Irrigation check, our Irrigator will turn on each zone, perform minor adjustments and program the controller per season.   

    • Irrigation labor costs & sprinkler parts due to leaks or wear and tear are not covered the contract and will be billed out separately upon completion.

  • Damages caused by our lawn maintenance crews will be repaired at no cost.

  • Lawn core aeration is the process of removing soil and root plugs from your lawn with a mechanical aerator.

  • Core aeration service is used to break up compacted soil and thatch layers that naturally accumulate from rain, mowing, outdoor activity, and gravity. 

  • Fall and Spring Seasonal Color

    • Till in Sulfur

    • Till in Osmocote

    • Till in Compost

    • Apply Mulch

    • Set controller for New color 

  • Turf Health Care 

    • Pre/Post Emergent Weed Control

    • Broadleaf Weed Control

    • Lawn Insect Control

    • Disease Control

  • Shrub Fertilization ​

    • Insects and diseases on shrubs and perennials are not included in this contract. If either is found, an estimate will be sent to you for approval before the work can be done. We will send a separate invoice upon completion.

    • Pre-Emergent twice per year is included.

  • Pine Fungicide ​

  • Deep Root Feed/Systemic Insect 

    • Prescription application according to season, tree/shrub species, health of landscape, soil type, and specific needs observed by the applicator.​

  • Dormant Oil ​

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